Welcome to CorrosionX Enterprise Solutions! We are sole distributor of USA Corrosion Technologies LLC in West Africa.


About Us

CORROSION ENTERPRISE CHEMICALS was incorporated in 2015 in Nigeria. The company has grown steadily over a short period of time, becoming a well-established provider of services in the fields of Corrosion Control and Prevention & Pipeline maintenance for the Oil and Gas industry. CORROSION ENTERPRISE CHEMICALS Services also includes onshore/offshore works within and outside Nigeria.


With highly qualified and experienced Nigeria professional engineers, technologists, technicians, administrative personnel and state of the art technologies and skills, we are committed to achieving ultimate client satisfaction, and focus on details, in pursuance of clients. We provide excellent quality, safe crews with every job due to over 5 years of combined management experience in the coating industry.


The knowledge, the experience and the skills we have acquired on our primary home market is made available for clients abroad. For more than four years, constituting companies of CEC have worked in all corners of Nigeria.


Today, our modern and high-tech trailing POLAR BONDING technology are keeping most metals safe from corrosion in a unique way that has never been used in West African, we have truly raised the standard of operation and service delivery in our industry we serve. CEC is taking the lead in CORROSION, COATING AND PIPELINE MAINTENANCE for major multinationals around the shores of Africa.


CORROSION ENTERPRISE CHEMICALS is fully banking on synergies from the broader perspective. Pooling resources with sister companies and combining pipeline maintenance, protective coating and corrosion control and prevention with supporting activities and environmental skills.


Providing a unique opportunity for offering global solutions to clients all over the world.