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Corrosion Technologies manufacture two of the Top 10 Boat Care Products Ever!

CorrosionX and CorrosionX Heavy Duty
Use CorrosionX to eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces of your boat, trailer and dockside equipment. Especially recommended for brightwork (keeps stainless from pimpling), hatches, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges and latches.

CorrosionX is also the best lubricant you can use for maritime applications. It does not attract dust, outperforms lubricants fortified with PTFE, and due to it's unique polar bonding technology, CorrosionX repels water, and doesn't dissipate quickly or wash off in harsh saltwater environments. Use CorrosionX on throttle cables, steering mechanisms, seat swivels, locks, travelers, winches, pulleys, furling systems, tracks and on any other gear that would benefit from lubrication.

Due to its extraordinary dielectric properties, CorrosionX can be applied to all battery terminals, terminal strips, ignition switches, electrical connectors, circuit breakers, fuse holders, light switches, light sockets, electrical plugs, blower motors and fans to protect them from corrosion, extend their life and keep them working reliably.

Although CorrosionX is inherently nonflammable, the environmentally-friendly propellant used in our aerosol cans is flammable. Please use caution when applying to electrical equipment. Before applying, make sure there is no current running though the system and that electrical motors are disconnected before applying.

RejeX on a boat


the best boat wax in not a "wax"




Recently named one of the "Top 10 Boat Care Products Ever", RejeX should be used instead of wax to protect boats from exposure to the elements. RejeX provides the best protection available to gel coat and marine paint surfaces all while providing an incomparable, brilliant, long-lasting, deep shine.

RejeX is a thin-film polymer coating that leaves a durable, high-release protective finish that common contaminants can't stick to. Diesel exhaust, dried fish blood, bird droppings, hard water and mineral stains are all easily removed and cannot penetrate the RejeX coating to harm your boat. RejeX is also unmatched in its ability to reject damage and oxidation caused be UV exposure.

The 4-year-old sailboat to the right has been treated with RejeX once a year since it was new. Zero oxidation even though in stay year-around in the hot Texas sun.

New Products
Recently, Corrosion Technologies expanded its line to encompass a full range of quality boat care products.

Rust Remover
CorrosionX Rust Remover is a breakthrough in the nonhazardous removal of unwanted rust. Rust Remover eliminates surface rust from iron and steel without harmful fumes. It will not harm copper, brass, plastic, rubber or vinyl. It is also safe to use on painted surfaces for removal of 'bleeding' rust.

Xtreme Clean
Xtreme Clean is an all-purpose, water soluble, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, heavy duty cleaning concentrate and degreaser for jobs of all kinds. Non-corrosive and earth-friendly, Xtreme Clean is the environmentally-friendly way to keep your boat squeeky clean!

Boat Bath
Coming soon! 

Mr. Detail
Mr. Detail returns aircraft, boats, cars, RVs and motorcycles to that 'just detailed' look between regular washing and waxing (or RejeX-ing). Quickly and easily removes dust, road film, fingerprints, streaks and water spots safely from most vehicle surfaces. 

Xtreme Finish
Xtreme Finish is a specially formulated, carnauba-enriched waterless dry wash is designed to clean and provide short-term, high gloss protection for vehicle finishes all in one step! Xtreme Finish can also be used as a quick detailer between RejeX treatments.